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  1. REBIOMA data portal


    Partners: Wildlife Conservation Society, University of California, Berkeley

    The mission of the REBIOMA web portal is to serve quality-labeled, up-to-date species occurrence data and environmental niche models for Madagascar’s flora and fauna, both marine and terrestrial. REBIOMA is a project of WCS-Madagascar and UC Berkeley. The REBIOMA Data Portal address is

    REBIOMA serves species occurrence data for marine and terrestrial regions of Madagascar. Following data upload, data is automatically validated against a geographic mask and a taxonomic authority. At upload, data providers can decide whether their data will be public, private, or shared only with selected collaborators. Data reviewers can add quality labels to individual data records, allowing selection of data for modeling and conservation assessments according to quality. Data users can query data in numerous ways (see simple and advanced search). REBIOMA also produces and serves environmental niche models for current and future climate scenarios for terrestrial and marine species.

    Tags: biodiversity informatics, Madagascar, data portal, biodiversity, REBIOMA

    Posted almost 8 years ago.