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  1. Marine spatial planning, Madagascar


    Partners: Wildlife Conservation Society, University of California, Berkeley

    The Government of Madagascar has committed to increase marine protected area coverage by over one million hectares. To assist this process, we compared four methods for marine spatial planning of Madagascar's west coast. Input data for each method was drawn from the same variables: fishing pressure, exposure to climate change, and biodiversity (habitats, species distributions, biological richness, and biodiversity value). The first method compares visual color classifications of primary variables, the second uses binary combinations of these variables to produce a categorical classification of management actions, the third is a target-based optimization using Marxan, and the fourth is conservation ranking with Zonation. We present results from each method, and compare the latter three approaches for spatial coverage, biodiversity representation, fishing cost and persistence probability.

    With this work, we show that methods based on Zonation and a simple combination of variables can produce results comparable to Marxan for species representation and catch losses, demonstrating the value of comparing alternative approaches during initial stages of the planning process. Choosing an appropriate approach ultimately depends on scientific and political factors including representation targets, likelihood of adoption, and persistence goals.

    To read more, see full article published in PLOS ONE

    Tags: conservation planning, Madagascar, Marxan

    Posted almost 8 years ago.